About the film

SILENCE, a film by artist and filmmaker Michael Salerno, is an intimate portrait of the life of a ten year old girl and her eight year old brother, as an intense storm is about to descend upon their city.


Clovis Fouin
The Father

Christèle Cervelle
The Mother

Carla Ferrer-Casanova

Dylan Soultan

Laurent Claret
The Priest

Diego Mestanza
Young Man

Marcus Whale
Young Man in the Café

Benedetta De Alessi
Young Woman

Quentin Caron
Hooded Boy


Michael Salerno

Writer, Producer, Director

Michael Salerno is an Australian-born artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Paris. His work has been featured in numerous publications, on book and album covers and has been exhibited in Europe, USA and Australia. He also runs the press/label Kiddiepunk. You can visit his website here: www.michaelsalerno.net

Guillaume Malingri de Bagnolo

Associate Producer

Lives and works in Paris.

Kiddiepunk Film

Production Company

Founded in 2002. Based in Paris, France.
You can visit the Kiddiepunk website here: www.kiddiepunk.com

Marcus Whale


Marcus Whale is a Sydney-based composer and musician. His practice encompasses live performance, scored works, sound installation and recordings. He has produced live and recorded works with artist/filmmaker Michael Salerno, dancers Caterina Mocciola and Ashley Macqueen, choreographer Martin Del Amo, performance artists Ivan Cheng and Jess Olivieri with the Parachutes for Ladies, poet Pip Smith and musicians Austin Buckett, Thomas William, Guerre and Oscar Slorach-Thorn. Under the solo music project Scissor Lock and as part of pop music groups Collarbones and Black Vanilla, he performs and records regularly on labels Two Bright Lakes, New Weird Australia, The Finer Things and others.

Natal Haziza

Production Assistant

Natal Haziza participates in creating movies (director, producer, cinematographer). Recent collaborations include Claude Pérès's movies 'Unfaithful' and 'Without Qualities'.

Claude Pérès

Production Assistant

Claude Pérès is a director and a writer working and living in Paris. He has directed three features and numerous short films. His movies are experimental proposals using possibilities of elaborating a different relationship to images offered by the new media. By catching facts happening instead of building it on a paper or in a studio or by recording thoughts as facts, each of his films are an essay of questioning reality and using the strength of poetry in cinema. You can visit his website here: www.claudeperes.com

Benedetta De Alessi

Production Assistant

Benedetta De Alessi (aka O.B. De Alessi) is an Italian artist working between Paris, London and Italy and currently living in Paris. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and from Accademia Di Belle Arti in Bologna. She has had both solo and group exhibitions in Europe as well as South America and Russia. You can visit her website here: www.obdealessi.com

Technical Info

Running time: 65 mins (2014), 30 mins (2016 cut)
Origination: HD
Ratio: 2.35:1
Format: HD, Quicktime, DVD
Sound: 2-Channel Stereo
Language: French (with English subtitles)
Year of production: 2014

Contact and All Enquiries:
Kiddiepunk Film
Email: kiddiepunk@hotmail.com